October 23-26, 2021
Hyatt Regency Riverwalk | San Antonio, TX

CONSULT 2019 Testimonials

"Definitely the highest value event for a security design consultant!"

Ray Bernard, PSP

President and Principal Consultant at Ray Bernard Consulting Services
"This is the leading security event for consultants, and I would call it a visionary event of the industry."

Jerry Blanchard, CPP

Chief Executive Officer, Protus3
"The CONSULT symposia brand now taps my list of ‘must attend’ events to continue to develop my security knowledge and skills."

Paul Boucherle, CPP, CSC

Principal, Matterhorn Consulting, LLC
"The opportunity to network is second to none, bringing consultants, manufacturers, end users, and integrators together to share knowledge, expertise, and experience. Incredibly insightful two days filled with educational sessions."

Lynda Buel, CPP, CSC, CEO

Security Risk Management Consultants, LLC
"We, at SBD, are a small company, and we invested 4 consultants’ time due to the value that CONSULT provides."

Ed Chandler, CPP

Chairman, Security By Design, Inc.
"I have attended three CONSULT events, and I continue to see it as the most valuable industry event I participate in. CONSULT is a ‘must attend’ event for security consultants."

Drew Deatherage, ESS, RTPM

Vice President, Crux Solutions
"Best, most informative event for my specific needs as a security design consultant."

Jim Elder, CPP, PSP

Principal, Senior Security Practitioner, Secured Design, LLC
"Outstanding! Best conference I’ve attended in 2019."

Forrest Gist, CPP

Global Technology Lead – Security & Networking, Jacobs
"Excellent event for security consultants and vendors alike. Look forward to attend next year."

Terry Harless

Senior Technical Consultant, 1898 & Co.
"A close-knit family bonding together to better the security industry."

Eric Hull, PSP

Mandhez Technology Consortium
"Amazing to meet and see like-minded professionals"

Min Kyriannis

Cybersecurity & Technology Business Development, Jaros, Baum & Bolles
"At CONSULT, I gather more information and develop more critical relationships in less time, with less investment, and less loss of billable hours than any other event I attend. Period."

Joe Maddox, RCDD

Project Manager, Technology Planning, Edmonds Engineering, Inc.
"CONSULT provides targeted training by industry experts to enable information sharing that helps every consultant be more successful."

Chrissy McCutcheon

Principal and Senior Consultant, Security By Design, Inc.
"Great opportunity to connect with others in the industry. Provides a lot of insight on a consultant’s role."

David McGill, PSP

Senior Security Design Consultant, BCER
"Very informative regarding technology trends, but also provides one with a reality check through peer interaction and sessions."

Fred Miehl, CPP

Senior Security Consultant, Lynstaar Engineering, PC
"Best teaching I have experienced in the industry."

Dave Miller, Principal

MCG Design Services/ Reyes Engineering
"Along the Rio Grande under the Sandias, we were inspired to find ways to mature and improve or industry."

Nick Miller

Vice President, Guidepost Solutions
"CONSULT is the ONE EVENT focused towards the needs of the consultant for learning, meeting with industry manufacturers, and networking."

Chad Parris, PSP

President, Security Risk Management Consultants, LLC
"Consulting firms that aren’t attending CONSULT are missing out on the connections and knowledge that are moving this industry forward and that will bring value to their clients’ projects."

Matthew Peterworth, PE, RCDD

Senior technology Consultant, Combs Consulting Group, LP
"CONSULT is the premier security consulting event. AS a consultant, it should not be missed."

Jon Polly

Chief Solutions Officer, ProTecht Solutions partners, LLC
"Great opportunity to talk with other consultants and with the manufacturers about their verticals and how that applies to myself and our company."

Dennis Porter, PSP

Security Designer/Consultant, Crux Solutions
"The best consultant event yet!"

Phil Santore

Managing Principal, DVS, a division of Ross & Baruzzini
"A great event gathering the thought leadership for security consultants and the physical security industry."

Mark Schreiber, CPP

President & Physical Consultant, Safeguards Consulting, Inc.
"I have gained additional valuable information on cyber security that I will be able to take back and utilize on upcoming projects."

James Seibert, PE, RCDD

Senior Communications Engineer, Gannett-Fleming
"A ‘must attend’ for A&E’s security consultants, integrators, and manufacturers. CONSULT reminds me of a quote from Lou Holtz: ‘Ability is what your capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.’ CONSULT syncs all of that together."

J. Kelly Stewart

Managing Director & CEO, Newcastle Consulting, LLC
"CONSULT is hands down the best opportunity available to interface with integrators, end users, and other consultants in one location. Well worth the time and expense."

Kevin Walrad

Senior Consultant, Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon, and Williams, Inc.
"A great deep dive in a short period of time."

John Weston, RCDD

Chief Consultant, Unified Network Consulting
"Come for the knowledge sharing. Stay for the camaraderie,"

Pat Weygint, RCDD

Technology Designer, SMMA
"By far, the best event for security consultants looking to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and to network with some of the best the security industry has to offer."

Jeremy Zweeres

Principal, DVS, a division of Ross & Baruzzini

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